ZenUML Confluence Apps

1. Which version of the ZenUML Confluence App should I use? (Full vs Lite)

We strongly recommend all users us the Full version. The difference between the two versions:

  1. Lite version shows a “LITE” tag on the top left;

  2. Support for the Full version has higher priority.

We understand that some clients want to use the Free version and maybe they do not know there is a “Freemium” version.

Here are the reasons why you should use the Full version:

  1. All features available on the Lite version will be available on the Full version for FREE. Free means you can use the application without a license.

  2. However, it would be much smoother path when upgrading. When we start introducing “Premium” features, you will be able to start using it immediately by adding a subscription license. If you are using a “Lite” version, we cannot guarantee all Premium features will work on macros created with the Lite version of application.

2. How do you process the data that is used to generate the diagrams?

In short, we do not have access to this data at all. ZenUML App is following a Serverless architecture style. All UML diagrams are generated within browser using HTML (+SVG), JavaScript and CSS. The following diagram shows a high-level architecture of the Application.

From this diagram, you can see that the data (apart from usage data) is never sent to any of our server. The data (AKA text or DSL) is saved on the client’s confluence instance ONLY.

Note: If you are using PlantUML or Websequencediagrams.com, you should know that for both products the data is sent to the backend for the UML diagrams to be generated. This is less secure and inefficient.

While for all our products the diagram are generated purely in the browser, the storage of data is different. Please refer to the tutorials for each product.


1. Who developed ZenUML?

ZenUML is developed by P&D Vision Pty Ltd. P&D Vision is a company register in Australia since 2015.

2. Do you have a security policy?

Yes. P&D Vision has a “Company cyber security policy”. We can provide the latest version upon request.


1. I noticed that you have completed the Atlassian security self-assessment, what is it?

You can find the introduction of the Atlassian security self-assessment at here: https://developer.atlassian.com/platform/marketplace/security-self-assessment-program/ . Here are a few highlights:

  1. It is self-reported. If you have any questions, please reach out to us directly.

  2. It is an annual assessment, our assessment happens around Oct every year.

  3. We can provide the self-assessment report upon request.

2. Do you store or otherwise have access to our data?

Short answer is NO. We do collect usage data via Google analytics.