[Case Study] A happy ZenUML client in retail industry

Note: All the diagrams on this page are drawn with the ZenUML Diagrams for Confluence plugin. Get a free trial now.

Our client is one of the biggest retail companies in Australia (Company K). They use Confluence as their main documenting platform in the IT team (~50 engineers). In K’s process, architects will create a design brief for the development before they can start coding. This design focuses on critical integrations and flow.

Component diagram, sequence diagram, and deployment diagram are the three most often used UML diagrams in their document. They had been using Gliffy for their component diagrams and deployment diagrams and using the PlantUML plugin for their sequence diagrams.

They migrated the Confluence instance in mid of 2020 from a self-hosted server to cloud hosting. They took that chance to revisit the diagramming tools. ZenUML was selected for a trial.

For component diagrams and deployment diagrams, the company K found that the ZenUML Graph macro can satisfy their requirement with about 10% of the original cost.

Team size

Monthly price

Avg price/user

Monthly price

Avg price/user


Team size

Monthly price

Avg price/user

Monthly price

Avg price/user




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They also found that they did not need to install the PlantUML plugin because they had used the PlantUML plugin only for sequence diagrams.

Company K happily found that to draw the same sequence diagram, ZenUML uses only 1/3 to 2/3 of code-of-lines. The rendered diagram looks better to them. For existing diagrams, they have re-imported as images. Gradually, they converted 50% of the sequence diagrams to ZenUML that are active.